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Child Dentistry

Vasundhara Dental Clinic & Orthodontic Centre focuses strongly on preventive dental care.

The branch of dentistry specialising in children's dentistry is known as Paediatric Dentistry/ Pedodontics.

The team at Vasundhara Dental Clinic, Ghaziabad believes in the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and gums from an early age.

By instilling strong dental habits from childhood, your child is more likely to keep their natural teeth for life.

The primary teeth (or ?milk? teeth) play a vital role not only in eating, smiling and appearance, but also in speech development and they hold spaces for developing adult teeth.

Healthy teeth and gums do not come about by accident. The team here at Vasundhara Dental Clinic believes in partnering with parents to educate young children in the proper care of their teeth. Our mission is to create the right environment to arm both parents and children with the necessary knowledge and skills to practice effective dental care.This include the correct way to brush and floss their teeth. Your dentist is also here to recommend orthodontic solutions for young patients with crooked teeth or overbites.

Do's and Don'ts of Your Child's First Visit with the Dentist


Familiarise your child with the dental clinic. Take your toddler along when someone else in the family who enjoys their dental check-up is going too.
Schedule your child's appointment earlier in the day when they are alert and fresh.
Be low-key. Treat the visit as routine. Answer any questions the child has honestly but not too specifically.
Be patient if your child is frightened and non-cooperative. It may be better to reschedule another time.
Let the dentist decide whether you should stay in the room. Children often respond better without their parents present.


Don't wait for an emergency to be the first visit.
Don't make the visit the high point of the day. Your child will suspect something is up.
Avoid using bribery or threats in an attempt to encourage good behaviour.
Refrain from threatening the child with a dental visit for any refusal to brush teeth or misbehaviour.
Avoid saying negative words like pain, pull, jab or drill, or phrases like “It won't hurt much” or “it won't be too bad” as this will only create anxiety.
Don't try and explain exactly what will happen. The dentist has special words and ways to explain procedures to children.

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Smile Keepers Since 2006

Dr. Vaibhav Joshi


Dr. Vaibhav Joshi completed his graduation (BDS) from Lucknow in the year 2002 and did his Post Graduation (MDS) from Ghaziabad in the field of Periodontics and Oral Implantology. He completed a one year Post Graduate Diploma in Oral Implantology from Friadent, Germany. He got fellowship in Clinical Research (FICR).He has been in practice for more than 10 years..

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